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I lead by actively listening, speaking with intent, and staying cool, calm, and collected. It’s harder to do everything alone, especially the big things.

Together is better.1


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I started my design journey by making custom covers for mix CDs I burned for friends and also customizing NBA Inside Drive 2000 bitmap files on PC so I could change the player uniforms, shoes, and arenas. I made WindowBlinds custom themes, Winamp skins, pretty much anything you could customize.

As the world evolved and the technical side of design merged with visual side, my coding knowledge led me to become a front-end developer who could code their designs. This bet would pay off as the design world would continue to become much more technical.

At heart, I’m a designer who loves figuring out difficult problems. Some days it’s trying to make a 4-point baseline work well at multiple distances and on different platforms but other days it’s resolving a workplace conflict between departments. My curiosity has led me to care about the numbers behind the business and I have since embraced the challenges and successes of aligning the design goals of the company with the key business objectives and indicators. This has resulted in multiple successful exits at companies that I've led in the past.

My work has appeared in nearly every major tech publication and I've been privileged enough to have worked with some of the most intelligent and talented designers in the world.

I am now passionate about building web3 and once again will be exploring uncharted waters.

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I’m the son of two Vietnam War refugees who fled their war-torn country knowing little English and no money to find a better life in America. I've been extremely grateful for the opportunities and experiences that the world has given me and so I spend my free time mentoring new grads and young kids about how to get through this seemingly chaotic creative world.

I’m the husband to a wonderful woman and also the father to two young daughters and a miniature dachshund.

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