Lessons in Designing an inteplanetary user interface

In 2012, the SpaceX Dragon made history by becoming the first commercial spacecraft to deliver a cargo load to the International Space Station. Previously, only governments had completed this accomplishment but SpaceX had much more ambitious intentions in mind with Dragon.

The Dragon Crew v2 has the goal of transporting humans to the ISS in addition to cargo loads. From the latest updates, this monumental mission is planned for April 2019. I worked with an all-star team of UX designers, engineers, and project managers to lead the user interface design for the capsule.

The ultimate achievement will be to use the Dragon v2 to travel to Mars and allow humans to become an interplanetary species.

The work I performed for SpaceX is under a strict NDA and I am only sharing images and statements publicly available. While I will never be able to share the work and thinking behind this project, it will undoubtedly be one of the grandest achievements in my entire career.