mission-critical tools for institutional crypto asset investors

The invention of cryptocurrencies was truly a revolutionary event in the history of social and political history. Cryptocurrencies represent a paradigm shift in how we think about money. Bitcoin, for example, is a completely decentralized, secure, and instantaneous technology. It doesn’t rely on banks or governments and has created an international network that never existed before.

In 2013, a transfer of $150 million was transferred between two Bitcoin accounts in one second for no fees using a distributed consensus network safe-guarded by an army of computers. Currency is just the first application of this mechanism. The future of cryptocurrencies is one of the most promising we've seen in tech in a very long time.

Bringing insight and clarity in a not-so-clear world

As crypto asset regulation begins to take shape, hedge funds and institutional investors have begun diving into the world of decentralization. Because of the mercurial, fragmented nature of the industry, institutional investors and hedge funds need the tools to decipher, analyze, and manage the data in their investments.

At Interchange, we seek to build the highest quality middle-and-back office enterprise platform with a strong eye and emphasis on a well-designed experience. I work with the engineering and design teams to create the overall product design and experience but in true startup fashion, I also designed and developed the marketing materials like the decks and marketing sites.

Note: This page doesn't show the full process, including concepting and ideation, due to either an NDA or the product has not been released yet. Want to see how the sausage was made? Please contact me to see if that'd be possible.